Michael Campbell “Cowboy”

All the silver, goldwork and design is performed by “Cowboy”

A native of Wyoming-Born and raised on a ranch near Wheatland, Rock River and Medicine Bow, Michael has been in the jewelry business for almost 40 years.  He has lived on the Navajo Reservation for over 10 years.  All of the designs are his original works.  He specializes in handmade feathers, leaves, flowers, and vines. The leaves and flowers are patterned from Wyoming wild flowers and plants. Cowboy is self-taught.  During 40 years of jewelry making, he has only taken one class in platinum.

Many of the stones in his creations are found in Wyoming. The Eagle Point Ammonite is found, cut and polished by Cowboy 35 miles south of Buffalo.  He likes to use Buffalo Rock Ranch petrified wood from the ranch near Clearmont and Wyoming gems and minerals such as jade, agates and fossils. Cowboy is well known for his elk ivory jewelry, as his designs are all handmade and unlike any other. He is one of the few people in the US that create one of a kind gemstone jewelry with handmade leaves & vines.

The petrified wood and ammonite is 60 to 70 million years old. The ammonite is from the Pierre Seaway that once stretched from Canada to New Mexico. Those ammonites were contemporaries of the dinosaur. Some of this fossilized stone is quite rare.

Cowboy works in 10kt & 14kt. gold, platinum, and sterling silver and occasionally German silver, brass and copper.  All of his work is completely handmade (not cast) and signed.  Most gold and gold on sterling combination pieces are numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Cut-out coin jewelry is also designed and handmade by the artist. All the cutting is done by hand with a jewelers saw. The coins are domed and plated with 24kt. gold, sterling, rhodium and or platinum. It is LEGAL to cut-out coins for jewelry and accessories.  Cowboy’s line of handmade coin jewelry is unequaled on the planet!

Most of the leatherwork is done with Buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is very tough and durable and gets softer and more attractive over time with use.

Cowboy’s work is timeless and made to be comfortable and worn every day!


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